My Pocket Universe


My Pocket Universe is a blog about, well, anything and everything that seems worth writing about, but it will certainly deal with books and music and movies, and also nature (of which we are a part!).  The concept “pocket universe” comes from physics and refers to the idea that the universe might be full of pockets of space that are each governed by their own physical laws, but I mean it loosely, just to refer to my little corner, or pocket, of the universe.  I do, though, like the physics-y suggestion that this little pocket of space might not follow exactly the same rules as the rest of the universe.  One of the reasons the act of writing is so powerful is that you can, with very little in the way of technology, create your own world, maybe even your own “pocket universe.”  With this blog, I want to create a writing space that allows me to notice things I might not otherwise notice, and to explore ideas that might merely dissipate into the ether, jostled about and dissolved by the hurly-burly of daily life.   Since reading, for me, is not far behind breathing as a necessity of life, I imagine I will write fairly often about literature, and about all sorts of books covering a wide range of subjects.  I am interested in history and philosophy, in music and movies, and in science and technology, among other things.  Within the field of science, I have a special interest in neuroscience and cognitive science, and I have done some thinking and writing on the question of how research from those fields can be applied to literary study and to the teaching of writing.  But that is already the subject of a book project, and I don’t intend to make it the primary focus of this blog.  One great work of literature that is very much on my my mind these days is Henry David Thoreau’s Walden (free ebook at The Literature Project), so I wouldn’t be too surprised if I find myself writing about that before long.  And I started off the summer by reading Richard Powers’ fascinating and important new novel The Overstory (public library), so I will probably have something to say about that as well.  Watch this space!

(The Wikipedia article on pocket universes is pretty weak, so you might have better luck with this article instead.  You will probably also come across one or two if you watch a few episodes of Dr. Who!)